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Fast, green, and efficient:
CARGOFLIGHT takes flight

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What is

CARGOFLIGHT is an innovative solution for autonomous unmanned cargo and agro-drones.

Our drones have the capability to carry up to 1000 kg of cargo over long distances, revolutionizing the logistics industry.

The fuel used by CARGOFLIGHT is carbon-neutral, including options like methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen

With cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, our drones ensure improved control algorithms and increased reliability.

Our drones can take off and land from water surfaces, such as lakes, dams, and large rivers, offering versatile delivery options.


High payload capacity of up to 1000 kg, enabling efficient transport of large cargo.

Extended range of up to 500 km in domestic flights, and in the future, up to 2-3000 km.

Use of carbon-neutral fuel options like methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen, reducing environmental impact.

Ability to take off and land from water surfaces, expanding delivery possibilities.

Implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for enhanced control and reliability.

Exclusive use of carbon-neutral fuels like methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen, ensuring environmental sustainability.

Versatility in operations with drones capable of taking off and landing from water surfaces, opening up new delivery locations.

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for improved control algorithms and increased reliability.

Scarcity of autonomous cargo drones capable of carrying loads of around 1000 kg over long distances.

CARGOFLIGHT stands out as the pioneer in autonomous unmanned cargo and agro-drones that can carry substantial loads over long distances.

The exclusive use of carbon-neutral fuels highlights the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability.

The ability to take off and land from water surfaces adds versatility to delivery options.

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies ensure enhanced control and reliability.

Key Features


Autonomous take-off and landing from airports adapted for this type of aircraft.

Start from the water

Various drones with the ability to take off and land from water surfaces like lakes, dams, and large rivers.

Full control

Full control and monitoring of all systems during all stages of flight.

Remote control

Remote control of flight modes, landing, take-off, and corridor changes

Effective design

Simple, robust, and lightweight fuselage construction for easy loading and unloading.


Advanced autopilot algorithms for decision-making, navigation, and automatic obstacle avoidance.

Obstacle avoidance systems

Integration of obstacle avoidance systems using video cameras, thermal sensors, distance sensors, laser scanners, and innovative detection technologies.

Enhancing Drone Safety

Secure communications, altitude control measures, and emergency landing capabilities for protection against hacking attacks.

Autonomous route planing

Integrated navigation system for autonomous route planning.

secure landing

Development of loading platforms and innovative solutions for safe landing and loading.

Seamless Integration

Integration with existing systems, infrastructure, and collaboration with standards organizations and other drone operators.

Our Markets

Logistics and transportation companies seeking efficient and eco-friendly cargo delivery solutions.

Agricultural businesses requiring autonomous agro-drones for crop spraying and other agricultural tasks.

Government organizations involved in emergency response and disaster relief operations.

Industries involved in remote or hard-to-reach locations that require reliable cargo transport.

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